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Anonymous asked - "telling someone to kill them self is 100% not okay"


i automatically do not see “someone” who is a rapist or rape apologist as “someone” who deserves human decency or politeness especially from me. i am fucking ruthless and i will not hold back. rape culture needs to be smashed, and i wont do it in a sugar coated way :-)


the people unfollowing me for finding justification in telling rapists and rape apologists to kill themselves are ridiculous lmao

i guess keep being scared to fight rape culture 

Anonymous asked - "What that anon said was inexcusable but your reply was also?"


ive said this before and ill say it again !!!!

i !!!!!!

will !!!!!!!

not !!!!!!!!!

apologize !!!!!!!!!

for telling rapists / rape apologists to kill themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye !!!!!


glitter freckles 


The Princess Diaries (2001)


Anonymous asked - "You seriously take the best selfies. like how do you do that can you teach me please"


belive in yrself and yr selfie abilities and listen 2 Beyoncé

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